Professional Corporate and Personal Tax Services

Corporate & Personal Tax Preparation

Affordable, Friendly, & Professional Tax Services Preparing personal and corporate returns is becoming increasingly complex due to annual changes in Canadian personal and corporate tax laws. Taxpayers may struggle to comply with an increasing burden of Canada Revenue Agency filing

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

Protect Your Assets Or Get Help With Settling an Estate At Bell & Company, we are passionate about providing caring, professional, and reliable advice on all financial planning matters including estate planning, estate settlement and trust tax services. Many families

CRA Audit & Appeals

Helping Customers Prevent or Handle Audits Each year, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) selects income tax reviews to audit in order to ensure taxpayers are accurately and honestly declaring their taxes. Many tax payers are chosen for an audit at

Tax Planning

Professional Tax Advice, Preparation, & Filing At Bell and Company we believe that good tax planning requires the professional accountant to go beyond the bottom line on the annual corporate and personal income tax return. The benefits of reduced taxes